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About Music Parkour

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In Music Parkour, players find themselves immersed in an interactive world where they must navigate through obstacles courses, overcome hurdles, and strike down objects to the rhythm of the beat. The game is not just about speed or reflexes; it's a combination of accuracy and timing. These factors come together to offer players a challenging yet rewarding experience to test their skills.
As players smash objects in their path, the energy from these objects is channeled into the player's rings, boosting their scores. But caution is key: malicious obstacles should be avoided. A player can withstand only a finite number of collisions before losing the game, adding an element of risk and excitement.
The first album features a collection of incredible pop-songs, with lyrics that tell the tale of a hero's journey. Each song offers multiple courses, catering to various levels of skill, ensuring that both newcomers and seasoned players find content that matches their abilities.

Parkour Editor

Music Parkour goes beyond the standard gameplay with the introduction of the Parkour Editor, a tool that allows players to tap into their creativity and design their own custom obstacle courses. This feature opens the door to endless possibilities, allowing players to add a personal touch to the game by manifesting their ideas, forging challenges, and sculpting courses that align with their unique preferences and skill levels.
Course Editor


Gaming Machine.
I'm Going to Be the Champion.

Parental Guidance


Age Rating

The USK has reviewed Music Parkour and deemed it suitable for players aged 6 and above. In particular the game met the criterion "Pressure to act: The game directly or indirectly builds up strong pressure to take action". Please note that while the game itself is suitable for children ages 6 and up, your VR hardware (head mounted display) has its own age rating and is most likely not suitable for children below the age of 12!


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) of Germany:

Music Parkour is proudly supported by a De-minimis Grant from Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK). This vital funding is part of a national initiative to stimulate video game development, reinforcing Germany's commitment to innovation in the gaming industry.
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