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About Music Parkour

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Music Parkour is an upcoming virtual reality (VR) rhythm game. While moving through a course (i.e. map), players avoid obstacles and smash objects to the rhythm of the beat. To smash objects, the player uses an orb spawned from a ring, which absorbs the energy of destroyed objects. However, energy can also be drained from a ring by malicious objects that are to be avoided. Points are awarded depending on the timing of a player's movements as well as spatial accuracy. For misses and collisions, points are deducted. Only a certain amount of misses / collisions are permitted before a course is lost.
Music is the heart and soul of the game. The first album consists of several incredible pop-songs, whose lyrics tell an enticing story of a hero's journey. Each song features multiple courses of varying difficulty.

Course Editor

Using the course editor, players may create their own custom courses. In addition, musicians can use (or offer) their own songs to create courses for their music. Our beat detection algorithm analyses the song's frequency spectrum and automatically creates spawn-points for potential obstacles and objects.
Course Editor


Play and Earn

Play Music Parkour and earn tokens for successfully completing courses!

Build and Earn

Build your own courses, publish them and earn a percentage of your players' rewards.

License and Earn

License your songs and earn a percentage of all player rewards from courses built for your songs.


Beat (BEAT): Main token. Transferable token earned by playing the game. Earnings have a daily cap. BEAT can be used to buy NFTs (rings, songs, courses etc). BEAT is also a governance token.
Health (HLTH): Non-transferable token earned by playing the game. Earnings have a daily cap. Representation of a player's activity over time. This token will help us to reward active players, regardless of whether they earn, sell, or buy BEAT.
Measure (MSR): Non-transferable token earned by staking BEAT. Can be converted to raffle tickets.


There is no pre-allocation of our tokens, they can only be created by earning them through Proof-of-Play. The amount of tokens a player can earn per day will decrease over time.
BEAT Vesting


Rings: Rings are needed to absorb the energy along a course, which in turn can be converted into play-to-earn tokens after completing that course. Free to play (F2P) Rings can only earn HLTH. Premium Rings also earn BEAT. The conversion rate between absorbed energy and BEAT earnings depends on the Ring's energy efficiency. Rare Rings can earn more BEAT per day than common Rings.
Not all the earned BEAT is transferred to the player, though. A certain percentage is transferred to the course's creator as well as to the song's licensor. Hence popular songs and courses will earn their owners not just fame, but also decent amounts of BEAT.
Ring NFTs
Land: Our take on the Metaverse are courses. Players can create their own courses using the Course Editor. However, BEAT can only be earned on published courses. Course creators can publish their courses by minting a course NFT. Minting a course will allow other players to play the course (and receive BEAT for completing it). It will also earn the owner of the course NFT a percentage of any player's BEAT earnings for completing the course. To prevent low-effort course spam, minting a course will require a BEAT fee. Instead of having fixed locations and neighborhoods, courses are arranged by their popularity. This merit-based approach will protect players from making highly speculative purchases based on land locations.
Songs: Music videos were yesterday. Interactive VR Audio Experiences are the next evolution of music consumption. Musicians (rights holders) can mint their songs as Music NFTs called Music Parkour Recordings (MPR). MPRs allow course creators to build courses for the recording, and players to play these courses. In return, the owner of the MPR NFT receives part of the players' BEAT earnings for completing any course created for the recording.


We believe players should be given a voice when it comes to the direction and continued development of their favorite games. Hence, BEAT will grant the ability to propose changes to the game, as well as voting power to vote on such proposals.


Part of the earnings will go to the treasury. The treasury will fund tournament prizes and other endeavors deemed worthy by the Music Parkour DAO.



Developing a playable alpha.
Creating beautiful hand-painted 3D models.
Creating epic, exclusive pop-songs.

Next steps

Genesis NFT Sale.
Release: Course Editor.
Course Creation Community Contest.
Release: Closed Beta.
Testnet launch of Play-to-Earn mechanics.
Public release!
Adding various additional obstacles.